Could not create main OpenGL context

Hello all,

In continues to my question about running the recFusion SDK as service

I did succeeds to run it as service when i upgrade the cuda driver, how ever in different computer is still fails on the above error “Could not create main OpenGL context”

I attached the 2 screens shots of the OpenGL Viewer, every thing look similar but the OpenGL driver Version (94.2.26.c0.34 vs

Not sure that is the problem but its the only thing different between them.

The computer the the RecFusion SDK do run as service (OpenGL Driver Version is on the left
The computer the the RecFusion SDK does Not run as service (OpenGL Driver Version 94.2.26.c0.34) is on the right

Didnt find any option to just upgrade the OpenGL driver version.
I also try to reinstall the driver but the result were the same.
The driver i installed is (version 472.84 )

Please advice

When running an executable as a service, there is no OpenGL context. I think this can be addressed by having a user log in and run the service. This is a general Windows issue and not specific to RecFusion.