Convert Ultrasound sweep to point cloud

Hi ImFusion team,

Is there a direct way to convert a UltrasoundSweep to a point cloud? You could find a exemplar US sweep, whose render mode is Transfer Function. I could not find a way in the Suite to convert this into a point cloud. Otherwise, I would read the sweep in Python, process each frame (thresholding etc.) and then convert pixels with high intensity into points. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks a lot for your help



Hi Luohong,

Unfortunately, there is no algorithm for your particular use case. You could try Ultrasound > Advanced > Ultrasound Bone Segmentation and see if it delivers you what you need out of the box. That algorithm is only there if your Suite version has ML in it.

The python approach sounds good otherwise.


Hi Viktoria,

Thanks a lot for your help. I will go the python approach. By the way, for the ultrasound bone segmentation algorithm, does ImFusion provide a model zoo? I could not find the segmentation model in my installed Suite.