Compounding Multiple US Volumes to view them together in ImFusion space

Hi all,

I’m trying to compound multiple US volumes (45+) into 1 volume. The problem is whenever I compound more than 5 volumes together, I’m prompted with the error, “OpenGL Error: out of memory.” Then, the software crashes. I’m running the software on a GPU and have an abundance of RAM and memory, so I know it’s a software restriction. I also receive this error when I compound more than 4 groups of 4 US volumes.

Is there any way to compound the volumes without heavily resampling them? The only way I was able to compound the volumes into one was by resampling them by more than 50%, which defeats the point of visualization.

Kind Regards,

We don’t have a software restriction, these error messages are really from the GL driver itself. Are you running the software maybe on a laptop with multiple GPUs? Perhaps the wrong one is used by default. Check the log immediately after starting the Suite, it should show something like this:

[GUI.MainWindowBase] OpenGL: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 546.09
[GUI.MainWindowBase] Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
[GUI.MainWindowBase] GPU: NVIDIA RTX A2000 Laptop GPU/PCIe/SSE2
[GUI.MainWindowBase] Memory: 3972 MB of 4096 MB available

Other than that, the volume compounding algorithm check the bounds of each of the input volumes and tries to create an image with the specified spacing that fits all of them. If they are far apart, it’s easily possible you indeed run out of memory.