Columns in xyz export


I am just about to write a set of Python scripts to process the exported XYZ point cloud so it imports into my production software as expected. Can you confirm which data lives in each of the nine columns?
I.e. x, y, z, r, g, b, depth, reflectance(?) etc.

Looks like rgb is in float and I will have to convert it to 8bit in order for it to show up in my applications, would be great to have an option for that on export.


after some playing looks like:
x, y, z, normZ, normY, normZ, r, g, b

Could you confirm that please?


Hello Frank,

yes you are indeed right, the first three entries are the point coordinates, the second three its normal and the last three the color value of the point in rgb format. Everything is stored as floating point values.

Kind Regards,

Perfect, thanks, I got two importers working now.