Choice of sensor

I found your software just recently and it seams very stable, best jet of the ones I tried.
I am trying to develop a recently low cost human body scanner with a turntable. The end game is to be able to scan patients that have undergone a special surgical procedure. That renders some swelling of limbs. Ideally scan before and after the procedure and then calculate the volume difference in some software ie maybe “Meshlab”. Would Intel RealSense Depth Camera D415 be a good choice in a 3-5 camera setup?
And do you know anything about the accuracy that could be expected?

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Hello Ola,

Intel D415 is probably the best choice for the multisensor setup. You could expect the accuracy of around 3-4 mm.

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Thank you for responce.


Hi Olga, is it still Intel D415 that is the best choice for multisensor setup? I saw that you now support Intel 455.

Yes, we still recommend the D415. The D455 will go out of production in around 6 months, so we do not recommend using this sensor.