Cause of the error message in the console window recfusion sdk

I am inquiring because there is no article about the issue in the forum.

It has created an intel D415 multi-sensor environment and is being tested on the recfusion SDK.

In some cases the results of the 3D configuration are good but sometimes the error message is printed out in the console window.

Attached is a screenshot of success and failure.

I want you to tell me the cause of the error message in the console window.


in this case the error occurs because of the lost track. And that happens because the object that you are scanning is symmetrical, so at some point the algorithm has several fitting places in the model to integrate the newest frame. In order to avoid this problem you should either scan non-symmetrical objects, or you can put some other object next to it to break the symmetry. After the scanning you can crop away this other additional object.

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