Capture of moving target with L515?

Hi there, I’ve just purchased an L515 LiDar sensor and am using the evaluation version of RecFusion at present before committing to buy. The specific use I am trying to investigate is using the sensor to record the shape of a partly ‘flapping’ target in a wind tunnel(!). Imagine a parachute which is fairly rapidly changing shape- that’s what I’m trying to capture.

I guess my question is whether this sounds possible and if so is the ‘Record Sequence’ option the best bet, whereby (I assume) I can export individual point clouds for each frame that the sensor has captured within the sequence?

The plan would be to mount the sensor in the tunnel looking at the target and then record with the wind on, allowing us to determine the shape variation over time/wind speed.

You can capture and export the individual point clouds and images from the sensor during reconstruction. In the Settings dialog in the advanced tab, you can select what should be exported. To enable export press Ctrl+E before starting the reconstruction. If you show the log window using F11 you will see the message “Enabled image export”. Now when you start reconstruction the images will be captured. The capture location will also be printed on the console.
In your case the reconstruction will not give good results due to the deforming object, but the individual point clouds will be recorded nevertheless.