Can't find intel camera

Hi all,

I have an intel sr305 which works perfect on my laptop with recfusion. I’m wanting to switch to a desktop but can not for the life of me get the software to find the camera. I’ve tried the software on the desktop with my primesense camera and that works fine. It goes away looking for a camera and comes back with nothing.
The camera is listed in pc manager, just wondering if there is some other runtime application or something I need. Using windows 10 pro.


Hello Chris,

can you please try to open the sensor via Intel RealSense Viewer Releases · IntelRealSense/librealsense · GitHub? Maybe you would need to update your sensor’s firmware. If so, the viewer will let you know about that.

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It doesn’t find it in the viewer either. I had come across those notes about the firmware updates, but its does the same looks for the camera and doesn’t find anything


maybe try this tool here: Firmware Update Tool (rs-fw-update). Otherwise, you would have to contact Intel Support for this issue.

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