BUG: Slow mesh creation with RealSense SDK over 2.25

We started working again after Corona restrictions.
In our tests with RS SDK 2.31 - 2.35.2, it became clear that the mesh creation with RecFusion 1.35 / 1.36 is much slower than before, factor 5 - 6.
Do you know a solution to this problem?


the post-processing operations could indeed be slower due to some additional computation that we introduced to them. However, all the other functionality should have remained the same in terms of computation time.

Could you please specify which function in particular is slower in the version 1.3.5/1.3.6? And which version was the reference, RecFusion 1.3.4?

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Thanks for asking, I didn’t express myself exactly.
We use RecFusion 1.3.6 and if you use the Realsense SDK above 2.29, the getmesh function is slower than if you use the RS SDK 2.25, factor 5 - 6.
We use 9 cameras, FW, calibrated via RecFusion functions, an upgrade from our RS SDK 2.25 to over 2.29 results in a loss in mesh creation.

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Hello Gabriel,

we will try to reproduce the problem on our side and will get back to you if we find the reason for this behavior.

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