Best sensor for clothes scanning and high res texture maps


I am working on a project that is related to scan a large amount of clothes on mannequins. Last year, I’ve been using Skanect and Structure sensor with an I-Pad. The results are correct, but it takes too much time and work to achieve with a single sensor. Second problem, the texture map resolution is limited by the software in 8M pixels, because of the I-pad camera resolution limit and the operating distance of the sensor (minimum 80 cm) that cannot capture details. I am very interested by your multi-sensor pro solution. Now the problem is to find the right sensors. I have seen that the Kinect Azure color camera resolution is very high (4k*3K) and can operate very close. Maybe it would be the best solution, what do you think ? Now I’d like to know what is the maximum texture map resolution allowed by RecFusion when exporting in 3D. If you think that Azure won’t fit my needs, what would be the best alternative ? Thank you.


RecFusion poses no limitation on the resolution of the texture. So the higher the resolution of the color image, the higher the resolution of the final texture will be. For the best texture results, Kinect Azure would be a good option.

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