Best depth camara?

Hi, we are developing a 3D scanner, to scan people and create digital avatars, for testing purposes we are using the 3 Intel sense D435 but we are finding out, that it may no be the best sensor for the job… as the resolution of the mesh and the textures are very low res.
so i am asking for you advice on this matter, which depth camera i should i buy?
also i am using the demo version of Recfusion and even after calibrating the 3 cameras and de program saying that it as aligned the cameras, as you can see in the images it is not the case!

Thanks for your help!!

it is screenshot calibration success case. using to three intel D415 sensers

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There is only one calibration image visible in Cameras 1 and 2 instead of 2. You need to use the 2 step calibration also fir 3 cameras.
New user Leonie Ellison. I am using the 415 sensor.

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You only use 2 cameras at a time. 1 and 2 then 2 3. The calibration image needs to be present in 2, of the cameras each time. Then the calibration success will show after the second set. Last answer a bit confusing to read Sorry. Don’t use the standard calibration button either.

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I want to know how effective it is to use 3 D425 sensors to scan the human body