Azure Kinect Scan Loses Tracking

I’m using RecFusion with an Azure Kinect, on a Windows 10 Nvidia 2070 16gb laptop. When I slowly rotate an object on a turntable, when, for example, the spout and the handle of a teapot line up with the camera, RecFusion loses tracking, and the image in the reconstruction window tilts and often splits into pieces.

Any recommendations on how I can fix this?


What you observe, is that tracking fails due to high symmetry in the teapot. If the spout points to the front, new depth images might contain very little of the spout, and the registration of that resulting pointcloud towards the reconstruction is ambiguous. In general scanning highly symmetric objects is not recommended. What you can do to break symmetry in the scan, is to place an object next to the teapot and cut it out afterwards.

All the best,

Thank you. Your suggestion worked.

I added several objects to the turntable, and the tracking held. I’m still learning about cleaning up the model with the RecFusion “postprocessing,” but with my Azure Kinect the Re-texture really impressed me.