Automatic segmentation of non-human brain

Windows 10
InFusion Suite Demo Version

Dear ImFusion,

I would like to crate segmentation of non-human brain areas using MRI scans. Interactive segmentation does not produce wanted results as the MRI data are low quality. As I have multiple brain images and have to mark multiple brain areas in each (neocortex, cortex, hippocampus, striatum,…) I would like to avoid drawing each area separately for each of the brains. Is there a way to run automatic segmentation in ImFusion?
I attached a screenshot of my data as I am having troubles updating the.nii file.

Thank you very much for your advice.
Best Regards,
PhD student, Lara Vrbanec

Dear Lara,
For segmentation applications, we recommend using our Labels software that includes a variety of annotation modes (a demo version is available on our website:
In particular, the Interactive Segmentation mode included in Labels allows segmentation with multiple labels.
The other annotation modes can also help you refine or fix the segmentations.