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Hello, I use LIDAR l515. How i can to add voxel’s resolution in the Recfusion? i want to will made 0.1 mm and 0.05 mm for the point. Or better. I dont need to change the QTY voxels, 768 is enough, but i Know what you know, how to add only voxels resolution.

Please help me, because LIDAR L515 theoretical supporting this resolution and accuracy on the near distance 0.1mm and 0.05 is really for him.

Please tell me where I can to add voxels resolution?

I know what need to change only parameter point cloud transformation in the working place file, but how need to change it? please help me.


in order to change voxel resolution, you can increase volume resolution and decrease the volume size.

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Could you please clarify what you mean?

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Hi,dear Olga! thanks for your comments!

I mean the next moment:

We find on the YouTube this video, and understand what is your SDK. But we see what their company add voxel’s resolution, because in the standart version Recfusion we see only 0.3 mm for 20 cm working place. We see what in this SDK users use 0.08 mm for 60cm, 0,1 mm for 80 cm e t.c.
Its not to add QTY voxel’s -not. They use standard too. They only to change size the voxel.

Tell me please the method how we can to make the same?

We want to add only the vixel size too.
I know how to open the working place in TXT firmat, but which column need to change for it? And what need to write instead standard?

This is not possible in the regular RecFusion. If you use our SDK, you can of course display arbitrary value of the resolution. However, internally the voxel resolution is computed as (volume size)/(number of voxels). So you can get a resolution of 0.1mm for example by setting your volume as follows: volume size 51.2 mm, volume resolution 512 voxels. Spinboxes in GUI have a lower limit of 20 cm for the volume size, but you can overcome this limit:

  1. by pressing the middle button on your mouse and dragging it in the depth view. This will interactively change the volume size
  2. saving the workspace, open it with notepad, change the Volume → size parameter, save it and load it again
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Dear Olga! thanks for your information. But i have a little problem:

  1. I changed the volume- after press the middle button on the depth view. I see what after i made smaller than 15-10 cm - resolution to rise up! YES
  2. After this, i open the workflow with notepad, and change xxx xxx xxx

3.but after i loaded the new workflow - resolution falls too/ how in the satndart work

IF i understand correctly. You mean ,what your method need to save very high resolution for any sizes right??? then i can to will got 0.1 mm for 1 meter working volume/
if right, then i mistaken, where? help me please

And if understand correctly previous company which i showed, show us fake resolution, right? they only to customize, changed numbers in SDK, right? But really resulution in their program the same how in standart Recfusion 2.3 version? is 0.3 mm for 20 cm on 768 voxel’s

Regarding the 3: the values in the volume settings will not reflect your change if you go below 20cm of the volume size because we have a hardcoded limit of the widget values there. But if you look at the visualization of the box in the 3d view, you will see that the new values are applied, reconstruction will also work with these new values.

You cannot have 0.1mm for 1m volume. You could have it only with 10000 voxels in the volume. This would require a super powerful GPU. And as I mentioned previously, it makes no sense to go to this fine resolution when the depth accuracy of the consumer sensors does not go below 1mm.

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If i understand correctly, you mean what I can to write sequence, and combine the scans later?

Because if i install resolution 0.3 mm on 20 cm. Then i can to see in the 3d view whole objects with this resolution too, just need to make good reconstruction. Thats all, right?