About “ImFusionConsole” command

Hello, I tried your free version and it seems that I cannot access the ‘ImFusionConsole’ command in the terminal. May I ask if there is a version issue?

Hello, does it print some error or is the command simply not found? In case it’s the latter, can you check if the path environment variable on your system includes the install folder containing that executable?

But I checked the executable commands in your software, and there are only two commands, ‘ImFusionSuite’ and ‘ImFusionResourceCompiler.’ There is no ‘ImFusionConsole’ command. I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the free version?

That sounds like a problem with the installer package, I’ve just checked the 3.2.0 Windows one and it is supposed to be in there. Can you tell me which version and operating system you picked on the downloads page, so I can have a look at that package?


[edited] The demo version of the ImFusion Suite does not include the ImFusionConsole application by design.
I think there is some confusion about the type of demo version that you are using. There are two different versions: The Base ImFusion Suite Demo does contain the ImFusionConsole application. However, the 3D Ultrasound Suite Demo does not. This is by design since the purpose of the Ultrasound Demo is to check if available hardware connects seamlessly etc. but not to allow for batch processing.

Can you explain what you need the ImFusionConsole application for?