3D scan setup recommendations for RealSense D435

Hi, we use recfusion along with intel real sense d435 to scan humans. we tried many ways but we could’nt get proper details over the face of the person. currently we scan with handheld realsense d435 by going around the subject, maintaining the distance of 1.5m.

what are your recommended procedure for scanning humans with recfusion(lighting, sensor distance from the subject, procedure to move sensor around the subject).

Highly dependent on which sensor you are using. None of them are ideal for what you are trying to do. Have fun working through these issues!

To clarify, the ideal settings for the particular sensor you mentioned do not change much when using Recfusion. Do what Intel says.


in general for scanning of the whole body we would recommend a multisensor D415 turntable setup (4-5 cameras are placed statically on a pole, a person is rotated on a turntable).

The closer you can place the camera to the object the higher the accuracy will be, 1.5m is probably too much, try to reduce it at least to 1m or even less.

There are no particular lighting requirements, the object ideally should be lit similar from all sides. The light should not be extremely bright not to interfere with IR projector of the camera.

And there are no particular rules regarding the sensor movement around the object when using one sensor. You just need to follow the tracking status. When it’s lost, you need to return the camera to the place where it still was tracked.

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Thanks for your recommendation. we’ll try it.

I’m using the D455, in my experience your best bet is to start scanning at the left of the face, stay there until it picks up most of the detail and then go around to the right and stop before the face comes in sight again, stopping at the left profile, RecFusion has a way of messing up good old data with the new, it recalculates and makes things blurry.

I’ve realized the movement data from the Realsense overwhelms RecFusion and a little lag creates tears in the model, so if there is a point where there is a “seam” where things do not really match you don’t want it on the main feature, and because of this lag, backsides are tricky too, so you can’t just start at the back