2D-3D Registration (CT & AP-LAT) (How to set Geometry through matrix)

I go through the ImFusion Suite user document and video tutorial given with ImFusion Suite, to understand the actual workflow for 2D-3D Image Registration (CT Volume with 2D Images - AP & LAT), tried with ImFusion suite, and ending with some doubt related to workflow.
A few of the doubt got resolve through ImFusion discussion forum itself but still Have some doubt unresolved so I request if any one have idea please write the step using there of Image Registration (CT Image with 2D - AP & LAT) that should include all the steps including if possible it’s meaning in detailed.
(Note: Also include “how to Set The Geometry from directly through matrix because while loading geometry matrix options not enabling while using it, please explain all the options available in step wise”.)
Thank you in advance.

Hi Ravi,

Do you have calibrated (OpenCV-style) projection matrices for the AP and LAT shots? Or some other form of calibration for the two X-Ray images? If not, you will not be able to use the 2D/3D registration.

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I have OpenCV-style projection matrices for AP and LAT, If I manually gave some value for test it’s showing the projection with respect to the CT Volume but not aligned properly as it’s not actual one, but while I am giving actual matrices through the options to select matrix in the ImFusion Suite I don’t able to use those as it’s not enabling to use those matrices (As I did not observed my changes)
As I have two matrices one for AP and one for LAT so please let me know also how may I select the both at a time or one by one may I upload please write steps of if you have any document that clearly showing how to set the matrix share those also.

Note: Please also elaborate what it mean by other form of calibration for the two X-Ray image.

Thank You
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Raviranjan K.

Hi Nathanael,
Thank you, I got the point. I will try the workflow for 2D-3D Registration. (CT & AP-LAT).

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Hi Nathanael,

I tried like:
Cone-beam Geometry → Load Matrices…
Option to select/tick “Use Matrices” is not enabling

I load the matrices here but it’s not showing any effect even it’s like ineffective here.
Please let me know if any specific file format should I use to load the matrices, or any other issue.
Note: I have OpenCv projection matrices for AP and LAT.
Please let me know which type of file for the Matrix should I use, I had used .txt, and excel format.
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While proceed for “X-ray 2D-3D Registration” or “2D-3D Registration” we need to set Cone-beam Geometry in a way like
CT-> ConeBeam Geometry → Load Matrices, while loading the Calibration matrix (OpenCV style projection matrix for AP & LAT) , I unable to click on ‘Use Matrices’ (to set),
so I request, please elaborate how may I set the Geometry file (OpenCV style projection matrix for AP & LAT) and which type of file May I use for this purpose (like .txt, excel, csv etc).

Thank you

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Raviranjan Kumar

I have OpenCV-style projection matrices for the AP and LAT shots.
Please specify where should I use the OpenCV-style projection matrices for the AP and LAT shots.
and which type of file should be (Example: text, excel, etc)
Thank You

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Raviranjan kumar